Lawrence Ware, Teaching Assistant Professor and Co-Director of the Center for Africana Studies



Philosophy Dept. Office: 255 Murray Hall
Center for Africana Studies Office: 103 Life Sciences East

Philosophy Dept. Telephone: 405-744-2790
Center for Africana Studies Telephone: 405-744-7692


Office Hours:  Tuesdays 12-12:30 pm and by appointment.

  Lawrence Ware is co-director of the Africana Studies Program and Teaching Assistant Professor and Diversity Coordinator in the Department of Philosophy. He is a contributing writer to Slate Magazine, The New York Times and The Root. He has been a commentator on race and politics for the Huffington Post Live, NPR, and TV One. Lawrence has taught and lectured across the country on issues ranging from race to economic policy. He organizes the Critical Conversations series, which hosts a number of events on campus related to race, gender, and religion.


  • BA, University of Central Oklahoma
  • MA in Philosophy, Oklahoma State University



  • January 15th: Keynote, John Brown University
  • January 20th: Keynote, Harvard Chapel
  • February 22nd: Keynote, Tulsa Community College
  • February 26th: Keynote, Oklahoma Conference of Churches 2018 Day at the Capitol
  • March 5 & 6: Public Lecture, Kennesaw State University
  • March 28th: Keynote, UCO: Black Male Initiative


  • Panelist for Take Root Annual Conference at the University of Oklahoma, February 2017
  • Public Lecture on Social Diversity and Oklahoma Education for Leadership Oklahoma, February 2017
  • Black History Public Lecture at Northeastern Oklahoma College, February 2017
  • Keynote at Pittsburgh State University's Black History Gospel Celebration, February 2017
  • MLK and Epistemic Violence keynote at Langston University, January 2015
  • Black Nationalism and #BlackLivesMatter keynote at the Big 12 Conference on Black Student Government, February 2015
  • The Theological Origins of White Supremacy at The Conference on Progressive Christianity in February 2015
  • Black Christianity and Black Resistance at The National Conference on Race and Ethnicity in Washington DC in May, 2015
  • The Confederate Flag and Epistemic Ignorance at OU in October, 2015
  • Lecture on Black Leadership, Langston University
  • Lecture on Intersectionality and #BlackLivesMatter: Race, Gender and Resistance



  • October 19th at 7pm in 035 MUR: Oklahoma Premiere of "Whose Streets?"
  • October 23rd at 7pm in 101 JB: "Insidious Trauma: Exploring the Mental Health Implications for Experiences with Oppression" by LaVonya Bennett
  • November 15th at 7pm in Murray Hall Parlor, Talk by J. W. Franklin: "Introducing the National Museum of African American History and Culture," part of the Murray Hall Civil Rights Speaker Series
  • November 27th at 7pm in 035 MUR: "Heavy: An American Memoir" by Kiese Laymon

Spring 2020 Class Schedule

  • AFAM 3950.30770 WEB (Dec. 16 to Jan. 10)
  • PHIL 1213.22259 Philosophies of Life TR 9:00-10:15 am LSE 215
  • PHIL 3623.22405 Philosophy of Race TR 3:30-4:45 pm CLB 102
  • PHIL 3623.23427 Philosophy of Race WEB
  • PHIL 3623.25574 Philosophy of Race WEB (Dec. 16 to Jan. 10)
  • PHIL 3623.30228 Philosophy of Race M 6:45-10:05 pm CLB 121
  • PHIL 3633.26061 MLK, Malcolm X & Phil of Race TR 10:30-11:45 am HSCI 331