Event Videos

"Christianity and the Problem of Ineffective Witnesses"

Justin Rice, OSU Philosophy & Religious Studies
November 16, 2017

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"Where is Music? Some Thoughts About the Ontology of Musical Works and Performances"

Dr. Jeffrey Swinkin, OU School of Music


"Is Morality Real?"

Dr. Justin Horn, OSU Philosophy Department

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"Do Black Lives Matter to the Christian Church"

Rev. Eric Gill

eric gill 

"Digitial Doomsday: The United States and the Growing Threat of Cyber Attacks"

Jacob A. Mauslein (OSU Political Science)

digitial doomsday 

"Body and Soul"

Richard Swinburne (Oxford University)

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"The DNA of ISIS"

Stephanie Wheatley (OSU Religious Studies)

wheatley isis 

"Arguments for the Existence of God" 

Richard Swinburne (Oxford University)

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"Thinking the Anthropocene: What Pigs Tell us About the History of Our Changing Planet" 

Thomas Fleischman (Writer in Residence, NYU)


"Do We Really Want Excellence in Education?" 

Russell Rhinehart (OSU Chemical Engineering Professor)


"Statistical Fallacies in the Climate Change Debate, and Why They Don't Matter" 

Anubav Vasudevan (University of Chicago)


"The Coddling of the American Mind: Vindictive Protectiveness on Campus" 

Robert L. Shibley (Foundation for Individual Rights in Education) 


"The Crises of Modern Psychology" 

Dr. James Grice (OSU Psychology) 




"Pascal's Wager and the Dynamics of Rational Deliberation"

Paul Bartha (University of British Columbia), Visiting Norris Speaker




"Providence and Probability: God, Chance, and Ultimate Meaning"

Paul Saka (University of Texas), 41st Annual Philosopher in Residence





"Islam as Other"


"Confederate Flag: Heritage or Hate?" 

Laura Arata (OSU History), Vincent Burke (OSU Political Science), Megan Burke (OSU Philosophy), Ricco D. Wright (Langston)



"Effective Altruism and the Farm Animal Welfare Controveresy" 

Bailey Norwood (Oklahoma State University)


"The Hospitality of Receiving: Gandhi, King, and Interreligious Dialogue" 

John J. Thatamanil (Union Theological Seminary, New York City)





"Oracles, Astrologers, and Sibyls (Oh My!): Prophecy and Paradox from Delphi to Hogwarts"

Christopher Weimer (Oklahoma State University)



"Why I'm Not a Christian"

Justin Horn (Oklahoma State University)

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"Do You See What I See? How Social Differences Influence Our Perception"

Shannon Spaulding (Oklahoma State University)

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"We Shall Overcome: The Role of the Black Church and Black Theological Reflection on the Civil Rights Movement"

Eric Gill (Prospect Church), Lawrence Ware (OSU Philosophy), Dr. Mike Thompson (OSU Religious Studies)




"Relishing Rough Heroes: Moral and Aesthetic Defects in Works of Fiction"

Dr. Eva Dadlez, University of Central Oklahoma. 




"Medical Ethics: Concussions in Sports"

Dr. Val Gene Iven, OSU Director of Sports Medicine




"Icons of False Hope? The Role of Images in Thinking About Racial Justice"

Dr. Sherri Irvin, University of Oklahoma



"Norms and the Ontology of Contemporary Art"

Dr. Sherri Irvin, University of Oklahoma



"Selma: 50 Years Later"

Aya Abo-Basha (OSU), Dr. Charles Hughes (OSU History), Dr. Jason Kirksey (OSU Political Science, VP for Diversity)



"Minding What Happens: The Compulsive Pacmind"

Dr. Marty Heitz, Oklahoma State University



"Minding What Happens: The Meditative Mind"

Dr. Marty Heitz, Oklahoma State University



"Acceptable Racism? Should OSU's Murray Hall Be Renamed?"

Dr. Marten Brienan (OSU Politcal Science) Dr. William Bryans (OSU History),
Dr. Eric Reitan (OSU Philosophy), Dr. Lawrence Pasternack (OSU Philosophy)


"Utopian Realism: The Politics of Simulated Experience"

Dr. Mark Silcox, University of Central Oklahoma