Class Schedule and Syllabi, Summer 2018


Summer 2018 Class Schedule

WEB COURSES June 11 to August 3

Link Course/Sec. Course Title
Syllabus PHIL 1213.41244 Philosophies of Life (H)   Drohan
Syllabus PHIL 1313.41245 Logic & Critical Thinking (A)  Pasternack
Syllabus PHIL 2043.42785 Philosophy of Film (H) Rice
Syllabus PHIL 3623.41624 Philosophy of Race (DH)  Ware
Syllabus PHIL 3920.42801 Sex, Love & Gender Igrek
Syllabus PHIL 3920.42800 Happiness and Well-being Kim

June 11 to July 6

Link Course Number Course Title Mtg Days/Time/Bldg/Rm Instructor
Syllabus PHIL 3623.41457 Philosophy of Race (DH) MTWR 9:00-11:40 am
HSCI 303
Syllabus PHIL 3943.40600 Asian Philosophy (HI) MTWR 12 Noon-2:40 pm
CLB 102