OSU Ethics Center

The Ethics Center at Oklahoma State University is committed to promoting moral reflection and deliberation in personal, professional, community, and civic life. The Ethics Center does not seek to dictate values; rather, we attempt to meet our organizational commitments by organizing and promoting workshops, symposia, conferences, and other forums where those interested, including professional ethicists, faculty, students, and the general public, can study and discuss relevant topics. In addition, we will attempt to support research relating to applied and professional ethics. Finally, the Ethics Center will provide OSU with a centralized office that students, faculty and the public can contact to find out what ethics classes and resources are available. The Ethics Center is sponsored and operated by the Philosophy Department at Oklahoma State University, under the direction of Scott Gelfand, and overseen by a standing committee of faculty members having research and teaching interests in applied and professional ethics.



Dr. Scott Gelfand, Director
Dr. Gelfand received his Ph.D. from the University of Maryland and his J. D. from Georgetown University Law Center. Professor Gelfand is Co-Editor and Contributing Author of Ectogenesis: Artifical Womb Technology and the Future of Human Reproduction. His current research interests include a variety of issues in Biomedical Ethics and the topic of Dialogue in a Pluralistic Society. He teaches Medical Ethics, Philosophy of Law, Social Philosophy, Engineering Ethics, Philosophies of Life and Business Ethics. 

Dr. Lawrence Pasternack
Dr. Pasternack received his Ph.D. from Boston University. Professor Pasternack has published on a wide range of topics including moral weakness, freedom of will and metaethics. His current research interests include: the Nature of Intrinsic Value, Kant, and Epistemic Responsibility. He teaches Ethical Theory, Modern Philosophy and Critical Thinking.

Dr. Eric Reitan
Dr. Reitan received his Ph.D. from SUNY University. Professor Retain has published on a wide range of topics including Philosophy of Religion, Sexual Ethics, Punishment, Environmental Ethics and Nonviolence. His current research interests are: Ethical Theory, Applied Ethics, Peace and Nonviolence Studies and Philosophy of Religion. He teaches Business Ethics, Environmental Ethics and Business Ethics.



Undergraduate Courses: PHIL 1212 Philosophies of Life; PHIL 3413 Ethics; PHIL 3513 Social Philosophy; PHIL 3803 Business Ethics; PHIL 3823 Engineering Ethics; PHIL 3833 Biomedical Ethics; PHIL 3843 Philosophy of Law; PHIL 4013 Perspectives on Death and Dying; PHIL 4553 Contemporary Ethical Theory.