Eric Reitan, Professor and Graduate Student Advisor



Office: 257 Murray Hall

Telephone: 405-744-7753



Curriculum Vitae


  • BA University of Rochester
  • Ph.D. SUNY University at Buffalo


  • Ethical Theory
  • Applied Ethics
  • Nonviolence Theory
  • Philosophy of Religion


  • 2004 Arts & Sciences Junior Faculty Award  
  • First Place, Essay Competition, 2014 Writing Competition of the Oklahoma Writers’ Federation, Inc. For “Slumber Parties.”
  • 2014 Outstanding Writer Award, Rose State Writing Conference (won first place in both Young Adult Fiction and General Fiction)



  • God’s Final Victory: A Comparative Philosophical Case for Universalism. With John Kronen. Continuum Publishers (September 2011). Continuum Studies in Philosophy of Religion series.
  • Is God a Delusion? A Reply to Religion’s Cultured Despisers. Wiley-Blackwell (December 2009)
    • Named a Choice Outstanding Academic Title of 2009


  • “A Deontological Theodicy? Swinburne’s Lapse and the Problem of Moral Evil,” in Faith and Philosophy vol. 31 (2014), pp. 181-203.
  • “Wisdom and Ethics in a Modern Land Grant University.” With Scott Gelfand and Steve Harrist. In The Modern Land Grant University, ed. Robert J Sternberg (Purdue University Press, 2014), pp. 315-330.
  • “Species of Hell.” With John Kronen. In The Problem of Hell: A Philosophical Anthology, ed. Joel Buenting (Ashgate Publishers, 2010), pp. 199-218.
  • “Moving the Goal Posts? The Challenge of Philosophical Engagement with the Public God Debates,” in Philo: A Journal of Philosophy vol. 13 (2010), pp. 80-93.
  • “Defining Terrorism for Public Policy Purposes: The Group-Target Definition,” in Journal of Moral Philosophy vol. 7 (2010), pp. 253-278.
    • Reprinted in Just War Theory, Brill (2013)
    • Reprinted in Global Justice and International Affairs, Brill (2012)


More writings can be found on his blog: