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  222 Neels
 "Heraclitus and the Birth of Greek Philosophy" Dr. Richard Neels, Visiting Assistant Professor, OSU Philosophy Department
222 Megan Burke
"When Time Warps: The Lived Experience of Gender, Race, and Sexual Violence" Dr. Megan Burke, Associate Professor, Sonoma State University
216 Murdock
"Ontologies of Eco-Kin: Indigenous World Sense/ing" Dr. Esme Murdock, Assistant Professor of American Indian Studies, Friends of the Forms 45th Annual Philosopher-in-Residence, San Diego State University
"First Friday Forum with the Lucas Brothers" Kenny and Keith Lucas, comedians, actors, and co-writers of "Judas and the Black Messiah" with Lawrence Ware, Assistant Director of Africana Studies
Laymon Young
"Critical Conversations: Separate Together" Kiese Laymon, Writer and Professor of English at the University of Mississippi and Damon Young, Writer, Co-founder and Editor in Chief of VerySmartBrothas with Lawrence Ware, Assistant Director of Africana Studies
"Hip Hop and Pop Culture" Cheo Hodari Coker, Music Journalist, Television Writer and Producer with Lawrence Ware, Assistant Director of Africana Studies
Talking 2 Others
"Talking to Others with Different Political Views" Dr. Shannon Spaulding, Associate Professor and Dr. Scott Gelfand, Associate Professor, OSU Philosophy Department
"Insidious Trauma" LaVonya Bennett, Counseling Psychology Doctoral Student, Clinic Supervisor and Counselor, OU Counseling Psychology Clinic
"Nightmares of the Flesh in Art and Film" Dr. Apple Igrek, OSU Philosophy Department
"The Methodological and Philosophical Crises of Modern Psychology" Dr. James Grice, OSU Psychology Professor
"The DNA of ISIS" Dr. Stephenie Wheatley, OSU Religious Studies Program
We Shall Overcome
 "We Shall Overcome" Eric Gill, Virginia Union School of Theology, Children and Youth Pastor at Prospect Church in Oklahoma City; Michael Thompson, OSU Endowed Chair of Religious Studies; and Lawrence Ware, OSU Philosophy Department Lecturer and Diversity Coordinator
Islam As Other
"Islam As Other" Eric Reitan (OSU Philosophy), Stephanie Wheatley (OSU Religious Studies), Imen Amiri (OSU Student in Communication Sciences), Adnan Ahmed Memom (OSU Grad Student in Electrical Engineering), Omar Touray (former OSU Grad Student)
"Selma: 50 Years Later" Ayah Abo-Basha, Charles Hughes, Jason Kirksey
Acceptable Racism
"Acceptable Racism?" Bill Bryans, Marten Brienen, Eric Reitan, Lawrence Pasternack, moderated by Justin Horn
"Race, Masculinity and Identity," Dr. Elon Dancy, Professor and Associate Dean in the Jeannine Rainbolt College of Education at
The University of Oklahoma
"Do You See What I See" Dr. Shannon Spaulding, OSU Philosophy Department
digitial doomsday
"Digitial Doomsday: The United States and the Growing Threat of Cyber Attacks" Jacob A. Mauslein, OSU Political Science
"Effective Altruism and the Farm Animal Welfare Controversy" Bailey Norwood, Oklahoma State University
"Oracles, Astrologers, and Sibyls (Oh My!): Prophecy and Paradox from Delphi to Hogwarts" Christopher Weimer, Oklahoma State University
IMG 3966
"Why I'm Not a Christian" Dr. Justin Horn, OSU Philosophy Department