Lawrence Ware, Teaching Assistant Professor and Diversity Liaison



Philosophy Department

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Center for Africana Studies

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Spring 2023 Office Hours in 103 Life Sciences East:  MTRWF 11 am to Noon.




  Lawrence Ware is Teaching Assistant Professor and Diversity Liaison in the Department of Philosophy. He is a contributing writer to Slate Magazine, The New York Times and The Root. He has been a commentator on race and politics for the Huffington Post Live, NPR, and TV One. Lawrence has taught and lectured across the country on issues ranging from race to economic policy. He organizes the Critical Conversations series, which hosts a number of events on campus related to race, gender, and religion.


  • BA, University of Central Oklahoma
  • MA in Philosophy, Oklahoma State University


CBC Tapestry Podcast, November, 2017
WNYC The Brian Lehrer Show Podcast, July 2017 


Diversity-Critical Conversations Past Events

Panelist for Take Root Annual Conference at the University of Oklahoma, February 2017
Public Lecture on Social Diversity and Oklahoma Education for Leadership Oklahoma, February 2017
Black History Public Lecture at Northeastern Oklahoma College, February 2017
Keynote at Pittsburgh State University's Black History Gospel Celebration, February 2017
MLK and Epistemic Violence keynote at Langston University, January 2015
Black Nationalism and #BlackLivesMatter keynote at the Big 12 Conference on Black Student Government, February 2015
The Theological Origins of White Supremacy at The Conference on Progressive Christianity in February 2015
Black Christianity and Black Resistance at The National Conference on Race and Ethnicity in Washington DC in May, 2015
The Confederate Flag and Epistemic Ignorance at OU in October, 2015
Lecture on Black Leadership, Langston University
Lecture on Intersectionality and #BlackLivesMatter: Race, Gender and Resistance
Keynote at John Brown University in January, 2018
Keynote at Harvard Chapel in January, 2018
Keynote at Tulsa Community College in February, 2018
Keynote at Oklahoma Conference of Churches 2018 Day at the Capitol in February, 2018
Public Lecture at Kennesaw State University in March, 2018
Keynote at University of Central Oklahoma's Black Male Initiative in March, 2018


"Ballad of an American, A Graphic Biography of Paul Robeson," Rutgers University Press, October 2020
"A Father Confronts His 'Spider-Verse' Problem," The New York Times, December 2018
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"It's On Men to End Sexism in the Black Church," The New York Times, December 2018
"What the Source Taught Me," The New York Times, August 2018
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"Come Sunday and the  Crisis of Faith," Slate, May 2018
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Ed. "The Young C.L.R. James: A Graphic Novelette," PM Press, forthcoming
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"Terence Crutcher is the Latest Victim in Oklahoma's War on Black Americans" Fusion, September 2016
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"Why a Horror Movie About Being Black at a White College Almost Gave Me a Panic Attack, The ghosts aren’t the scary part," Slate, March 2022.


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