Phi Sigma Tau


Phi Sigma Tau is the International Honor Society in Philosophy. Founded in 1930 and incorporated as a nonprofit corporation in 1955, the Society now has a network of over 200 chapters throughout the United States and Canada, at both public and private institutions of higher learning. The purpose of Phi Sigma Tau is to encourage interest and activity among students and to promote ties between philosophy departments in accredited institutions. Phi Sigma Tau publishes a journal, Dialogue, for student contributions in all areas of contemporary philosophical research. Other PST publications include the PST Newsletter (published three times yearly) and the National Alumni Chapter Bulletin. The PST Newsletter is sent to all students and alumni/ae members and contains news of local chapter activities. The National Alumni Chapter (NAC) provides a medium of exchange and communication for onetime PST members who desire to retain their affiliation with the Society following graduation. Click here to read our constitution. 


2019-2020 OFFICERS

President: Cameron Franks

Vice President: Louie Schoenknecht 

Secretary-Treasurer: Emma Farha

Faculty Advisor: Eric Reitan  


Phi Sigma Tau, like any honor society, provides not just recognition of academic excellence but also a means for furthering scholarship and academic communications. Achievement, like mediocrity, is its own reward. Phi Sigma Tau is not an investment with guaranteed returns. The real key to success is in the hands of the individual faculty advisors, student officers, and chapter members. College honor societies are not social clubs or keys to instant success — they are people who share a commonality of interests, anxious to further and support scholarship, interest, ethics, and professional standards in their own areas. Phi Sigma Tau can also provide recognition for past accomplishments in philosophy, a continuation of members’ philosophical education following graduation, and even perhaps assistance or information in making subsequent career choices.


Membership requirements are established by the ACHS (contact the officers or advisor of your local chapter for detailed information). Initiation into PST requires an initiation fee (currently $25.00) for the International Office. Local chapters may also assess dues to meet their own campus operating expenses and frequently receive additional funding from the philosophy department or their local office of student activities. The PST initiation fee is currently the lowest among all ACHS member societies.

Eligibility - Undergraduate Students
Undergraduate students are eligible for active membership if they have completed three semesters or five quarters of the college course, rank in the upper thirty-five percent of their class, and have completed at least two semester courses or three quarter courses in philosophy with an average grade of over the second highest grade of the working scale.

Eligibility - Graduate Students
Graduate students are eligible if they meet the requirements established for undergraduates, or if they have completed at least one-third of the residence requirements of the master’s degree with a grade average of at least half on the highest grade of the working scale and half in the second highest grade.

Eligibility - All Students
In addition to the special requirements for both graduate and undergraduate students above, note that Phi Sigma Tau operates under the umbrella of the Association of College Honor Societies and is a member in good standing of that Association. The Association of College Honor Societies requires that Phi Sigma Tau grant student membership only through a local chapter of our organization and not through the National Office. Consequently, students are eligible for membership in Phi Sigma Tau only if their school has a local chapter and upon the recommendation of the chapter advisor.

Forms, documents and additional information can be found at the National Chapter of Phi Sigma Tau